The TARDIS is stalking Doctor Who’s Karen Gillan

From Cardiff to California, Amy Pond just can't escape that big blue police box


Karen Gillan’s been a busy woman since she left Doctor Who but the series has never really left her, and now she’s discovered there’s absolutely no escaping the Whoniverse – not even on the set of a Tom Hanks thriller.


The Scottish actress is currently shooting the Hollywood legend’s new film The Circle, based on the novel of the same name by Dave Eggers and co-starring Emma Watson.

The movie focuses on Watson’s character, a young woman who joins the ranks of an Internet monopoly called the Circle, which links users’ personal emails, social media, banking and purchasing with their universal operating system. And of course, it’s not long before everything goes wrong.

Gillan plays Annie, a warm, cute, goofy, old-money confident and fiercely intelligent member of the organisation, but she probably felt a little less Annie and a little more Amy when she spotted something lurking in the corner.

When last we checked, Variety said shooting on the film would begin in California this month, so has the TARDIS made the trip through space and time from Cardiff just to see the girl who waited?


Or is Tom Hanks a big enough Doctor Who fan to have bought his own for the commute to work?

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