Home and Away: Hunter knocks a drug-addled Josh down the stairs, while Zac is devastated when he does not get the principalʼs job

21-25 September: Plus Evie and Josh make up after he promises to stop taking study drugs. Phoebe is pregnant but is not sure who the father is

Monday 21 September


Charlotte tells Zac that she knows he is lying to Leah about the inheritance. Chris tries to get Irene excited about doing a car wash to raise money, but Irene suspects that he just wants babes in bikinis. Josh apologises to his friends about his behaviour and they assure him he will sail through his exams. Zac is devastated when the new school principal arrives—he thought the job was his.

Tuesday 22 September

Edie is still mad at Josh for continuing to take drugs, unaware that he is lying unconscious at the bottom of the stairs. Chris tries to enlist Nate and Andy as topless waiters for the beach banquet. VJ spies a suspicious figure and snatches their backpack before they can escape. Charlotte gives Zac a loan of $20,000, then heads home to find a hooded intruder.

Wednesday 23 September

Charlotte realises the intruder is her son Hunter, who confesses that he accidentally pushed Josh down the stairs. Ash thinks the break-in proves that Billie did not start the fire, but Kat is not convinced. Denny finds a positive pregnancy test, and Phoebe admits it is hers. She has not told Ash, because she does not know if the baby is his or Kyleʼs.

Thursday 24 September

Hannah and Denny discuss Phoebeʼs options for the baby, while Ashʼs lovey-dovey behaviour causes her to break down. Roo is paranoid about being seen with James, but Alf tells her that she is a grown woman and need not hide. Kyle loses badly at a dodgy poker game, owing $5,000. When he admits that he cannot pay, things turn ugly.

Friday 25 September


Alf cross-examines his daughterʼs new man when Roo brings James to dinner with the family. Upset over Ashʼs reaction to her news about the baby, Phoebe cries in Rickyʼs arms. Ash finally apologies to Phoebe and admits that he just did not know how to deal with it. He convinces her that Kyle deserves to know too, so they go to find him—in hospital, unconscious and badly beaten.