Gareth Malone: “I don’t want to start any more choirs for the time being”

"I don't know if my telly life will continue," he tells Radio Times... "I'm quite nervous about it"


Nearly a decade after BBC2 reality series The Choir made him a household name, Gareth Malone is soon planning a break from bringing together groups of singers on TV – but he’s still not quite sure what he’ll to do next.


“The thing is, I don’t want to start any more choirs for the time being,” he explains in this week’s issue of Radio Times magazine.

“It’s ten years since I first did The Choir and I feel like I don’t want to do it again. But I’m not interested in jungle celebrity type stuff – God, no. I’m always going to be a musician. That’s what fires me – along with people.”

His upcoming BBC2 series is called The Naked Choir yet is actually about amateur singing groups performing a cappella (and fully clothed – only their voices are stripped bare). It will be his last series as choirmaster for the foreseeable future but Malone admits that he doesn’t know what he’ll do instead.

“I don’t know if my telly life will continue,” he says. “I’m quite nervous about it. No, I don’t have any stuff in the pipeline except a recap of The Choir ten years after. I have nothing booked. I’m a void.”

Malone also reveals that he doesn’t see himself as a choirmaster at all because he never set out to be one.

“I wanted to sing and act. What I’d really like to be is Kenneth Branagh. I loved his films of Henry V and Much Ado about Nothing, and he was the reason I studied drama at uni.”


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