Coronation Street: Roy makes an emotional return to Blackpool – but will Cathy reveal how she feels about him?

The pair's tentative pairing to be put "under huge threat"


A troubled Roy Cropper will return to Blackpool, this time in the company of his friend Cathy Matthews.


Cafe owner Roy – who memorably visited the seaside town with his dying wife Hayley in 2013 – goes back to Blackpool next week thanks to a surprise birthday trip that comes courtesy of Cathy.

The pair’s friendship may be stronger than ever, but while she harbours ever-growing feelings for her new companion, he is still battling with his emotions after the loss of Hayley.

As Cathy pulls out all the stops, she unwittingly stirs up many painful memories for Roy. So will the mini-break in Blackpool actually send Roy over the edge?

Producer Stuart Blackburn said that the situation will put Roy and Cathy’s tentative pairing “under huge threat” after the two of them hit this key moment in their relationship.

Recognising that getting Roy romantically involved with another character following the death of soulmate Hayley had been tricky, he said:

“It’s been a tough one for us to do because the memory of Hayley is still so fresh. And yes, we want Roy to be happy. But do we want him to be happy now with somebody other than Hayley?

“Well, I think the answer is yes. Whether it happens or not is up for grabs.”

So as Roy is confronted by echoes of the past, will Cathy feel able to open up and voice her secret longing for a relationship with him? And why is Roy nowhere to be seen after the events in Blackpool?

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Coronation Street below.


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