Callum takes revenge on the Platts – new details about Coronation Street Live revealed

And what does Sarah have in mind when she decides to meet up with Callum?

The Platt clan is to be left petrified when David takes the fight to an increasingly menacing Callum – but has he taken on more than he can handle?


The family will start next week thinking that Callum will be sent to jail after Bethany retracts her statement. But when the police turn up on the Street to tell the Platts that Callum has been released on bail, they’re left fearing for their own safety.

Thinking that Callum is out for revenge, Kylie, David, Sarah and Bethany agree to stay in pairs, while Gail takes Max and Lily to stay at Audrey’s.

But pretty soon, Callum is turning up at No 8 with a deal for David and Kylie: get him £20,000 by that evening and he’ll be gone for good – otherwise, he’ll hurt them.


Later on, a desperate David searches for his nemesis at Gemma’s flat and the Dog & Gun, leaving Kylie and Sarah frantic for his welfare.

In a last-ditch attempt to get Callum off their backs, Sarah texts Callum to come round to No 8 – but what does she have planned? The pair then come face to face at the end of the episode to be broadcast on Monday 21 September, which is the point where the drama will commence at the start of the live episode on the Wednesday. 

You can watch 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Coronation Street below. And beneath that, the cast of Coronation Street talk about the pressures of going LIVE!


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