Arthur Darvill: My Legends of Tomorrow Time Master character is “totally different to the Doctor”

"He’s a lot darker, and he’s not an alien! He’s a human man. And he’s got a very specific mission. Yes, they’re very different characters,” the former Doctor Who companion tells of his upcoming DC role


When the first trailer arrived for DC’s upcoming superhero team-up show Legends of Tomorrow, one thing stood out to us – former Doctor Who star Arthur Darvill as a time-travelling Brit, wearing a fancy coat and calling himself a Time Master. Sounds a bit familiar, we thought – but now the actor has set the record straight.


“Rip Hunter is totally different to the Doctor,” Darvill told “He’s a lot darker, and he’s not an alien! He’s a Human Man. And he’s got a very specific mission. Yes, they’re very different characters.”

“Of course it’ll be covering some of the same ground, because you can’t help but do it. Those guys – Andrew and Greg and Mark who produce the show, they’re big Doctor Who fans. They know what they’re doing, and they’re not just gonna do an American copy of it. It’s gonna very much be its own thing.”

He added: “I don’t think you can do a time-travelling thing without referencing Doctor Who or Back to the Future. This definitely puts a new spin on it.”

Of course, Darvill’s not the only former Doctor Who star to head to the comic book world, with his former screen wife Karen Gillan and Tenth Doctor David Tennant (who he acts on ITV’s Broadchurch with) heading to Marvel’s cinematic and TV universes. But Legends of Tomorrow is owned by rival comics company DC comics – has there been any rivalry?

“Oh, there’s massive rivalry,” Darvill deadpanned. “We all ring each other up and leave long, silent voicemails for each other. Clog up each other’s voicemail.”

“No, there’s no actual rivalry – though we could invent some, I’m sure.”

Darvill says he stays in touch with his former Doctor Who cast-mates, and it’s clear the show still means a lot to him – even if he’s not so keen on returning for a cameo as Rory Williams any time soon.

“At the time, it was the biggest thing I’d done – and I think I learned so much doing it,” Darvill told 

“It’s totally changed my life – but only in good ways, really. There aren’t really that many negatives.”


Legends of Tomorrow will be on TV in 2016

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