7 things we learned from The Jungle Book’s seriously tiny teaser

You can figure out a surprising amount from four seconds of footage...

Is it just us or are teasers getting shorter? Director Jon Favreau has kindly given us a sneak peek at his latest project, a live-action remake of classic Rudyard Kipling tale The Jungle Book. The clip is atmospheric and intriguing. But it’s also just four seconds long.


That’s no match for our eagle-eye, though. Here’s everything we’ve gleaned from Favreau’s tiny teaser…   

1. The Jungle Book is absolutely set in the jungle 

We can confirm the titular Jungle will be making an appearance. No sign of the Book at this stage… 

2. The jungle will feature heavily

We did suspect this but it’s nice to have it confirmed, right? 

3. There is also a river running through the aforementioned jungle 

Presumably for washing, drinking and forgetting about your worries and your strife

4. And some, erm, trees 

But no sign of snake Kaa (Scarlett Johansson) or tiger Shere Khan (Idris Elba) hiding among these branches… 

5. Mowgli makes an appearance 

Because the story wouldn’t make sense without Kipling’s man cub, played by Neel Sethi

6. It’s going to be different from the Disney film we know and love

Favreau’s atmospheric Jungle Book is clearly going to be darker than the 1967 animated version. You know, just the tiniest bit… 

7. And you can forget that Sixties soundtrack 

What we can hear: moody xylophone keys. What we can’t hear: any “oobee doos” or “Bear Necessities”. 

#JungleBook full trailer coming Monday.

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