Steven Moffat: I prefer watching classic Doctor Who in my spare time

Forget about Tennant, Smith and Capaldi – the writer would rather relax with McCoy, Baker et al


He might be at the head of the revived series, but Doctor Who’s Steven Moffat has revealed that when it comes down to it he prefers to watch older episodes from the 60s, 70s and 80s – at least when it comes to relaxation.


“The modern show feels – I love it to bits, it’s one of my favourite things in the world,” he said last night at a special screening for episodes one and two of Doctor Who series nine.

“But if I’m watching Doctor Who recreationally, I’ll be watching the old series. Because I don’t feel that I’m part of it, in a way.”

It makes sense, we suppose – the mystique of the Doctor’s world is probably ruined a little bit when you spend hours watching footage of the Doctor talking to green screens, with every plot twist already spoiled by dint of them coming from your own head. But which episodes would he recommend to any Doctor Who fans hoping to join him in his classic appreciation?

“What would I watch from the old series? I’m just giving you your reading list now,” Moffat said. “Ark from Space is rather wonderful.”

He concluded: “I think if people don’t understand how good latter-day Who was, they should all go home and watch Remembrance of the Daleks with Sylvester McCoy.”

Of course, fellow Whovian Peter Capaldi wasn’t to be outdone, also chiming in with his favourite classic episode.

“I’ve got a sneaking affection for The Day of the Daleks,” he told the crowd. Though considering how similar his new series nine outfit is to Jon Pertwee’s in that episode, perhaps we shouldn’t have been surprised. Tell us, when does in-show homage turn into Third Doctor cosplay?

Doctor Who series 9 begins on BBC1 on the 19th September at 7.40pm


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