Doctor Who: 8 best moments from series 8

There's only 8 days to go until series 9 lands on BBC1 - fancy a reminder of some of last year's best bits?


As we edge closer and closer to the beginning of Doctor Who series 9, we’re more and more excited about what we’ve got to look forward to this year. Daleks, Missy, mysterious highwaymen, Vikings, guitar solos… It’s gonna be a blast.


But today we’re taking a look back and remembering the adventures that the Doctor and Clara have already had together before we see them run off into new ones.

So without further ado, here are our favourite moments from Doctor Who series 8. In descending order…

8. Being scared is a superpower

The Doctor’s take on being scared was a highlight of Listen, and probably improved bedtime for nightmare-haunted children around the country. If only he could always remember the advice himself…

7. Spoon fight


The Doctor didn’t really get on with Robin Hood (Tom Riley) – and he certainly gave him what for in this great fight scene where he defeated the Prince of Thieves with nothing more than a piece of cutlery.