We’ve all been pronouncing Lord Voldemort’s name wrong, says JK Rowling

Beware the wrath of the Dark Lord...

OK, hands up if, like me, you once thought Hermione was pronounced Her-mee-own-ee and you casually dropped her into conversation one day only for all your friends to laugh at you. 


The pronunciation of JK Rowling’s Wizarding World can be tricky – try asking a nine-year-old to say “Beauxbaton” – but one name we thought we had nailed was Lord Voldemort’s. Yet apparently not.

According to Rowling, there’s a good reason He Who Cannot Be Named shouldn’t, er, be named. Apparently “Voldemort” has a silent T and we’ve all been saying his name wrong: 


Who knew the Dark Lord was so French, eh? Voldemort with a dash of va va voom… 

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