Maze Runner sequel The Scorch Trials was “cursed” by a Native American Burial Ground says star

Broken limbs, surgery and dehydration made a tricky shoot for the post-apocalyptic movie

You might say the first Maze Runner film led something of a charmed life. Despite a low budget and relatively unknown cast, it attracted audiences in their droves, eventually making nearly $350 million from a $34 million outlay.


Now the second instalment in the series, The Scorch Trials, has hit cinemas – but according to the cast and director, this movie has had a lot less luck. In fact, it may even have been cursed…

“I had this climactic scene to shoot, and I swear within about three or four days five of my main actors dropped,” director Wes Ball told “It was just crazy, the kind of luck that we had.”

“Ki-Hong Lee had appendicitis – he had surgery!” star Kaya Scodelario added. “Barry Pepper broke his ankle, I went into hospital for dehydration – just before my pivotal scene, I’d spent the night in hospital, and I went straight to set. Which is always great, you know?” 

Ball continued: “A lot of the scenes, I have a character shooting a gun and stuff – he has a broken leg in that scene. Ki-Hong, he’s getting dragged away by the villains, he’s got a hole in his stomach, with stitches [from the appendicitis surgery]. These guys endured a lot in this movie.”

Still, Scodelario and the other cast weren’t so sure that all these disasters were a coincidence – and they held a certain Game of Thrones/Love Actually actor to blame.

“The last two weeks we shot on an ancient burial ground, a Native American burial ground,” the actress explained to us. “And we were told when we got there that we weren’t allowed to pick up any rocks, or arrowheads, or artefacts, because it would bring bad luck.”

“But Thomas Brodie-Sangster picked up an arrowhead, and took it home to his Mum. And then the next day five of us ended up in hospital. I think it’s all his fault.” 

She concluded: “The film was haunted – it was cursed! Just at the end, though.”

Still, it sounds like they forgave Brodie-Sangster eventually – Scodelario says the cast are the best of friends in real life, and spent every night while shooting the movie hanging out and cooking together.

“We do have a lot of fun on set,” Scodelario said. “It’s very strange, I watch a lot of interviews with other actors that I know, saying ‘Oh we had a great time, we’re best buddies,’ and I know for a fact that they didn’t, and they actually hated each other.”

“And it really upsets me, because we do genuinely love each other. We actually hang out more when we’re not making the movies than we do when we are. We have a WhatsApp group, we text every day.

“We’ve been very lucky, because I imagine it’d be a bloody nightmare to do three films with people you didn’t like!”

Sounds like that curse didn’t ruin everything after all…


The Scorch Trials is in cinemas now