Andrew Collins: “I really like the Fast & Furious films because they make some critics furious”

RT's film editor applauds a series of car chases that have enjoyed more box office success than Pirates of the Caribbean, Star Trek, The Hunger Games, Twilight, X-Men and even Mission: Impossible

Andrew Collins is a man of refined taste – or so we thought until this week.


As Fast & Furious 7 is released on DVD and rumours eddy about who will be in Fast 8, Radio Times’ film editor admits to having a soft spot for Vin Diesel – “a man whose voice is so low it can only be understood by his closest friends” – in this week’s vlog.

He’s not alone: the series of car chases have become the seventh most successful movie franchise ever…

Andrew Collins will be talking to Gogglebox’s Mary and Giles and the show’s creators about how it became a surprise hit at the Radio Times Festival on Friday 25th September.


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