What would Peter Capaldi think? Doctor Who’s Jenna Coleman does a Scottish accent…

How has Jenna's association with the Scottish Doctor rubbed off?

What with Doctor Who being written by a Scot (Steven Moffat), currently starring a Scot (Peter Capaldi) and having recently featured a Scottish Master (Michelle Gomez), you’d think that Jenna Coleman would have picked up a thing or two when it comes to carrying off that accent. 


And while her attempt to do a Capaldi at Canada’s FanExpo convention is more than passable, Jenna herself suggests she could use a wee bit more practice…


If Coleman is serious about getting her Capaldi impression perfected, she could take tips from her predecessor, and peak of the Scottish genome, Karen Gillan, who last year taught us all how to do it right with her video guide to the Scots language.