Michelle Dockery wants you to pass Downton Abbey down to your children

The Lady Mary actress says she wants the drama to take its rightful place in British TV history - and tells us what the Downton Abbey movie should be about...


Michelle Dockery has starred in hit ITV period drama Downton Abbey since its inception. And while the 33-year-old British actress was a relative unknown back in 2010, but she’s now a household name – and face – as the Abbey’s Lady Mary. 


While the show has no doubt given her career a boost – she’s already working on one new drama and has two more in the pipeline – what Dockery really hopes will result from her time on Downton Abbey is a beloved TV classic that is watched by generations to come. 

“I hope that people will continue to watch it [Downton Abbey] in years to come,” the star told RadioTimes.com. “It would be nice to know that people pass it onto their children to watch.” 

“I love going back and watching those British shows… like the Forsyte Saga, for me, like Prime Suspect and Cracker.”

Asked whether she liked the idea of watching re-runs of Downton Abbey in her sixties, Dockery and her on-screen sister Laura Carmichael, who plays Lady Edith, laughed, “When we live in our bungalow!”

“Laura and I have this funny spoof in our heads that one day we’ll end up living together with sixteen cats,” Dockery explained. “Maybe the [Downton Abbey] film should be a remake of Death Becomes Her, Edith and Mary in their sixties, loads of surgery, trying to push each other down the stairs? I’m going to suggest it to Julian actually… “


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