Here’s Kate Winslet hanging off a cliff doing that Titanic moment with Bear Grylls

"You jump, I jump - right?"

You’re Kate Winslet. You’re hanging off a cliff while on a terrifying trip with adventure expert Bear Grylls. What do you do to take your mind off the danger? Act out Titanic of course. 


Oh yes, not only is Oscar-winning Winslet clearly game for a challenge – joining Grylls for heart-pounding US series Running Wild with Bear Grylls – she’s up for a laugh, too. 

Prompted by Grylls to let go of the rope that seems to be stopping her tumbling down the side of a cliff (!) Ms Winslet recreates that classic “flying” moment from Titanic.

Grylls joins in from below yelling: “Do you trust me Kate?” to which Kate – totally in character now – responds: “You jump I jump, right?” Magical.

It’s made all the better by the fact that once the picture cuts away you can hear Kate yell “Right, come on get me down this f*****g thing!”


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