Twitter is helping Sam Smith come up with lyrics for the Spectre theme

Words that rhyme with Spectre... Lecture? Decked her? Hannibal Lecter?


Sam Smith, to almost nobody’s surprise, will be singing the theme song for new James Bond film Spectre.


Spectre, as a movie title, is potentially quite awkward to get into your lyrics (which is probably why Sam’s called the song Writing’s On the Wall instead) but fans will be a bit upset if he doesn’t manage to reference it at all (after all, it’s a long-held tradition that Bond themes quote the name of the film somewhere, if not in the song title itself).


No problem though, because if Sam’s struggling for a rhyme or two, all he needs to do is check his Twitter mentions.

More lyrics? No problem.

Noughties sketch show reference? ✓

No worries, Adele was rubbish at rhyming and nobody seemed to mind.