Happy birthday Martin Freeman! Here’s John Watson’s guide to having a birthday party

To celebrate Martin Freeman's birthday, we thought we'd take some advice on planning a party to remember...


Happy birthday Martin Freeman! We’re not sure how the star of Sherlock and The Hobbit is planning on marking this special occasion, but we thought it would be worth finding out how Dr John Watson might celebrate.


Watson’s already had a stag party to remember thanks to Sherlock Holmes, so sorting out a birthday party should be child’s play in comparison. Right? 

Many happy returns Martin! How old are you now?

John Watson silence

Oh, sorry we asked. OK, first task is to get the look right. Something casual…

John Watson jumper

But not too casual.

Sherlock hat

Even if you don’t get what you asked for, try to look happy when you open your present.

John Watson surprise

No cake? No problem! A recipe is just a click away.

John Watson computer

Party games always go down well. How about Cluedo?

Um, ok, maybe not. Shooting gallery?

Sherlock shooting

Too deadly. Fine, stick to the classics.

Sherlock Mycroft games

And if all else fails, get the drinks in!

But be warned, you don’t want to peak too soon.

Sherlock and Watson dancing

Most importantly of all, remember to invite your closest friend…

Oh, and book the next day off work. Just in case.

John Watson sleeping

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