11 other TV icons voiced by Daleks

From Peppa Pig to Thunderbirds, it seems the vocal talents behind Doctor Who's "living lumps of hate" pop up everywhere...


“Inside each of those shells is a living, bubbling lump of hate,” the Doctor once said of the Daleks. In truth, of course, inside each of those shells was a man on a tricycle, while another man with a microphone performed their famously grating, staccato voices.


But Daleks weren’t all those men with microphones played. Here, as part of our continuing countdown to the new series of Doctor Who, are 11 other small screen icons who were brought to life by Dalek voice actors.

1. Bill and Ben, The Flower Pot Men

Terracotta twins Bill and Ben entertained several generations of children with their horticultural hi-jinx by the potting shed, accompanied by their friend Little Weed (actually quite an insulting name for what was clearly a sunflower). Peter Hawkins – one of the original Dalek actors – invented Bill and Ben’s distinctive language himself, and even gave it a name – Oddle Poddle. As yet, it is not available on Google Translate.

2. Grandpa Pig (Peppa Pig)


Whiskery, salty sea dog patriarch of TV’s best-loved porcine clan, Grandpa Pig is voiced by another of the original Daleks, David Graham, who was on exterminating duty between 1963 and 1965. Not to be confused with his best friend and nautical rival Grandad Dog, or Grampy Rabbit, who’s voiced by Brian Blessed (in the Doctor Who universe, King Yrcanos of Thordon). Peppa herself (Harley Bird) appeared opposite Peter Capaldi’s Doctor in 2014’s In The Forest of the Night.