Stop what you’re doing. John Barrowman is wearing a Tardis dress

Captain Jack donned a fetching blue outfit for Dragon Con in America over the weekend

The Doctor is a fashionable man. He’s inspired all sorts of trends in his time, whether that be bow ties, extra long scarves or Converse. But while the Time Lord himself is a bonafide trendsetter, his time-travelling machine isn’t exactly known for putting its fashion foot forward… until now. 


Because thanks to John Barrowman – best known to Doctor Who fans as Captain Jack Harkness – the Tardis is finally getting its moment in the spotlight (or should we say catwalk).

Rather than appearing in a standard shirt and trousers at this weekend’s Dragon Con fan event in Atlanta, Georgia, Barrowman donned his finest threads for his panel: a Tardis-inspired dress. 

There were even a pair of red high heels to complete the outfit, not dissimilar to those owned by Alex Kingston’s River Song. 

He even gave a twirl. 

Bravo, Mr Barrowman. We reckon the Doctor would approve. 


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