Hollyoaks: the truth about Lisa’s disappearance is revealed, plus Zack is seriously injured

14-18 September: And Nico resorts to blackmail, while Sinead's world falls apart


Monday 14 September


Wayne gives Lisa until the end of the day to get the reward money back for him. She panics when Lockie tells her he’s already spent the £3k loan from Simone. The ‘Tugboat Grill’ launch is a success, until Lisa finds out Wayne has tampered with all the burgers. She snatches a burger away from Zack and lies that she didn’t store the meat at the right temperature. Everyone demands refunds, while Lisa concedes to help Wayne.

Ben asks Trevor again whether he killed Carly but starts to doubt that Trevor is to blame when he sees how vulnerable he is about Dylan. Dylan’s hearse pulls up in the village. Trevor and Ben arrive, and Sienna panics when Ben says they need to talk about Nico. At the funeral, Ben is affected by Trevor’s emotional words and has to leave. Sienna realises she can never move on with Ben and decides to tell him the truth about Nico.

Harry has a shower at Diane’s flat when the plumbing breaks at the Boarding House. Ste is uncomfortable around half-naked Harry and tells him that they’re never going to be together. Thinking Harry is pining over Cleo, Tony tells his son to write his feelings in a letter. Ste calls Harry’s bluff when he threatens to tell Tony about him being gay, so Harry backs off. Harry drafts an email telling Ste how he feels but Tony finds it. He knows it’s not for Cleo when he reads about there being a baby involved.

Nana visits Derek again. He’s dying and he wants her to forgive him for how he treated her when they were together. She makes him promise not to tell Reenie she was there.

Tuesday 15 September

Lisa returns home to a frantic Simone and Louis after being out all night. She tells Wayne that she can’t help him again so he tells her he’s found someone to replace her and she’s stunned to see a familiar face, Jade in the backseat of his car, but who is Jade? Later, Zack sees Lisa getting into Wayne’s car and chases after them.

Kim is angry that Lindsey doesn’t seem to want to spend time with her when she suggests going shopping. Lindsey tells Freddie about a promotion in Manchester and Kim knows she has to stop them leaving.

Maxine is concerned about Nico and Sienna when she senses the tension. Sienna makes an appointment for Nico to have a psychiatric assessment but Nico puts on the water works for Ben and begs him to talk to Sienna. He cancels the appointment.

Tony questions Harry about the email. Diane also sees Harry’s email and thinks this is just what she needs to put a stop to Ste and Sinead’s relationship 

Wednesday 16 September

Simone and Louis spot Lisa hiding in the village with a rucksack. Lisa storms out of the flat and bumps into Wayne. She agrees to go back and work with him for good if he’ll let Jade go. Zack turns up just as Lisa is being bundled into Wayne’s car. He stands up to Wayne, but is overpowered and when Wayne throws Zack to the ground, Zack shouts in pain about his leg. Furious, Louis goes to find Wayne.

Lindsey is furious when she finds out Freddie didn’t hand in her application for the promotion.

Joe tells Mercedes that she should be with someone who she has history with and likes her for who she is. He means himself, but Mercedes goes straight back to Lockie.

Thursday 17 September

Flashback to 2001 – a happy Loveday family have their photograph taken, while in the present day Lisa begs Wayne to leave the Lovedays alone. She tries to take Jade with her. Jade refuses to go with her, thinking she’s abandoned her for the Lovedays. Meanwhile, Simone and Louis panic when Zack is rushed to intensive care. Lisa listens as Simone tell Louis she doesn’t deserve children and there’s a flash back to the day Lisa was kidnapped, which shows a stressed Simone shouting at Lisa for spilling juice on her paperwork.

Louis tells his unconscious son that it wasn’t all Simone’s fault. There’s another flashback to the moment Louis finds out that Lisa has gone. In the present day, Lisa tells Jade to go back to her foster home. 

Friday 18 September

Sinead is furious when Ste returns home after being out all night. She confronts him with an empty condom box she found in the bin. Caught out, Ste lies that he gave the condoms to Harry because he was too embarrassed to buy them himself. Sinead believes him until a text comes through on Ste’s phone and she’s shocked by what she reads…

Jade has slept rough outside The Dog and Jack catches her stealing from the drink delivery. She tries to call Lisa but her call is cancelled.

Elsewhere, Nancy and Jack see Jade pinching a burger from The Tugboat and Jack recognises her from earlier. Nancy warms to her when she realises she’s only a kid, and is swayed when Jade tells them about being neglected by her foster parents and asks whether she can stay with them. Lisa is surprised when she goes to The Dog and sees Jade with her feet firmly under the table.

Lindsey writes the time of JJ’s hospital appointment on the chalk board in the kitchen. She has to get to work so hesitantly agrees for Freddie to take JJ and pleads with him to get there early and make sure he’s thoroughly checked over.She makes Freddie paranoid when she hints that Lindsey has been looking at Joe like she used to… Lindsey finds out that Freddie didn’t turn up for the appointment.


 Lindsey is furious when Freddie comes home and tells him she doesn’t know why they’re together. He storms out and bumps into Mercedes, who is feeling sorry for herself about being pregnant and man-less. They go to The Loft and comfort each other.