The best Doctor Who fan art for all 13 Doctors

We've trawled the internet for our favourite fan re-interpretations of the Time Lord


The first Doctor with Idris (the Tardis)

As we learned in Neil Gaiman’s seminal 2011 episode The Doctor’s wife, the Tardis considers itself to have stolen the Doctor and not the other way around. Still, we hadn’t really pictured it until now, with this great depiction of William Hartnell’s first Doctor teaming up with Suranne Jones’ humanoid Tardis Idris.


Source: Janey-Jane

The Second Doctor turns Chibi

Patrick Troughton’s Second Doctor always like to appear harmless to his enemies, but this cartoon version (based on the Manga chibi drawing style) really takes the cake…

Source: Twin Enigma 

The Third Doctor – Lego style

OK, this one’s not exactly fanart and you might have seen this still from the Lego Dimensions trailer before – but we HAD to include one of the Lego Doctors somewhere, right?

Knitted Fourth Doctor

This is wooly good stuff – Tom Baker’s knitwear-loving Fourth Doctor would be sure to approve.

Source: Alison Hoffman, aka Craftyiscool

The Fifth Doctor, but he’s Shia LaBoeuf

US artist Brandon Bird recently imagined all the Doctors as played by Transformer actor Shia LaBoeuf, and while we’re not quite sure why it works we totally love it.

Source: Brandon Bird 

The Sixthmpson Doctor

Has the Tardis ever landed in Springfield, we wonder? Perhaps during Colin Baker’s tenure…

Source: Dean/Springfield Punx 

The Seventh Doctor in South Park

Continuing a TV cartoon theme, we love this interpretation of Sylvester McCoy’s Seventh Doctor as a South Park character. The daleks had better respect his authority…

Source: RobotPlunger

Tim Burton’s Eighth Doctor

This creepy Burton-ised version of Paul McGann’s short-lived incarnation looks great – but now we can’t help but wonder how the 1996 movie might have turned out if they’d let the Edward Scissorhands director have a go…

Source: Michael the Pure 

Adventure Time and Space (featuring the Ninth Doctor)

Christopher Eccleston’s Doctor wasn’t always the most cheerful sort, so it’s nice to see him perk up a bit in this riff on popular cartoon Adventure Time.

Source: Alex Dempsey

Tenth Doctor-saurus

“Dinosaurs….on a Tardis???”

We have to say, we’re not quite sure what possessed this artist to create his Dino Who series (where each Doctor is reimagined as a different dinosuar) – but is a David Tennant stegosaurus something we can get behind? You bet Jurassic is.

Source: Peter Foglesong 

It’s the Eleventh Doctor, Charlie Brown

Matt Smith’s incarnation is here redrawn in the style of the Peanuts comic strip by Charles M. Schultz, and it’s pretty darn cute. We’re not sure if he should try swapping “Geronimo” for “Good grief” just yet, though…

Source: Larry Wentzel

The Twelfth Doctor gets disneyfied

This is a great re-imagining of the Twelfth Doctor, but the real joy is imagining how much he’d hate being immortalised as a soppy Disney character. All together now – “A dream is a wish your hearts make…”

Source: Stephen Byrne

The War Dogtor

We have to say, John Hurt’s version of the Doctor is looking pretty ruff here – but then his bark’s probably worse than his bite. We’d also say that if you have time to paws, you can check out artist Christie Cox’s take on the other 12 Doctors in canine form as well. 


Source: Christie Cox