The Scorch Trials stars on what to expect: “Lots of running. A lot more running than the first film”

If you thought the cast would get a rest after Maze Runner, think again - as they explain in this exclusive clip...

As its title suggests, The Maze Runner saw the cast of the movie running around in mazes. A lot.


The second instalment in James Dashner’s fantasy franchise, The Scorch Trials, sounds less energetic than its predecessor – but it turns out that’s far from the case. 

“The first question I get asked is, ‘Are you happy to be out of the maze? No more running?’ says star Dylan O’Brien in this exclusive clip. “It’s so funny because we’re not just running, we’re running through sand storms…”

“It’s been pretty tough,” adds Thomas Brodie Sangster. “Lots of jumping out the way, bullets flying, explosions. Lots of running. A lot more running than the first film…”

Oh well, it could have been worse: at least there was no scorching involved.


The Scorch Trials will be in UK cinemas on 10th September

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