Lindsay Lohan took a Parent Trap selfie

It's been 17 years (!) since the actress played twins Hallie and Annie Parker

You wanna know the *real* difference between Lindsay Lohan in her Annie/Hallie Parker days and Lindsay Lohan now? 17 years. Bet that makes you feel old.


But while plenty of time has passed since she first burst onto our screens playing the identical twins, Lindsay has rolled back the years thanks to a spot of R&R at the spa.

The angelic smile is still there…

Lindsay Lohan and the actors who doubled up

Lindsay Lohan steps into the shoes of Madonna, Alicia Silverstone and Elisabeth Moss

Following Lohan’s starring roles in smash hits Freaky Friday and Mean Girls (we all know how fetch that was), the actress has had several run-ins with the law and failed to match the critical success of her early career, most recently receiving mixed reviews for her West End debut in David Mamet’s Speed the Plow.


Nearly two decades on, we wonder if she can still remember the Parent Trap handshake?