Karen Gillan set to join Tom Hanks, Emma Watson and John Boyega in cyberspace drama

The Doctor Who actress will reportedly play a wealthy and confident member of an online community in The Circle

After travelling in space and time for Doctor Who and plain old space for Guardians of the Galaxy, Karen Gillan’s next role will see her conquer another frontier – cyberspace. 


According to Deadline, Gillan is set to star in The Circle, a film based around a group of Internet users who decide to link their personal emails, banking and social media usage with their universal operating system – only for things to go wrong. Hopefully they didn’t link up their RadioTimes.com site accounts too, or bad things could really happen.

Whatever happens, Gillan won’t be alone in her sci-fi/fantasy refugee status for the adaptation of Dave Eggers’ novel; other cast members include Star Wars’ John Boyega (as lead character Ty) and Harry Potter’s Emma Watson, with Tom Hanks providing the requisite star power and probably a bit where he wishes he was using a typewriter instead. Tom Hanks bloody loves typewriters.

As for the plot we won’t give too much away, but Gillan’s character Annie is described as “a warm, cute, goofy, old-money-confident and fiercely intelligent member of The Circle”, and we can’t wait to see action-packed sequences of her typing at a computer while looking a bit worried. Or, you know, just chilling out in her downtime.

What? It could totally happen.


The Circle will be released in 2016