Home and Away: Billie is critically injured in a fire at Leah’s house, while Kyle is crushed when he finds out Ash and Phoebe are together

7-11 September: Plus Roo embarrasses herself during her first lecture by showing holiday pictures. And Ricky conducts Caseyʼs naming ceremony

Monday 7 September


Andy tells Matt to move on and delete the photos of Charlotte, but in return Matt warns him that he is being used. Billie finds it difficult to cope with being the town pariah and lashes out at VJ, whom she blames for vandalising her car. Leah, Zac, VJ and Evie return home from a day out to find their home on fire, and Maddy thinks that Matt and Oscar are inside. 

Tuesday 8 September

Billie saves Zac, Oscar and Matt from the house fire but gets badly hurt in the process. Alf, Roo and Maddy rally round, finding blankets, clothes and sleeping room for Leah, Zac, Oscar, Evie and Matt. Hannah tries to locate Ash to tell him about Billie. Kat tells Leah and Zac that the fire was set deliberately. 

Wednesday 9 September

Ash and Kyle confront each other over Phoebe, but the altercation is cut short when Ash gets news of Billieʼs condition. The Bay comes out in support of Leah and Zac. The doctors prepare to turn off Billieʼs respiration machines, hopeful that she will be able to breathe unaided. Kyle is devastated when he sees Ash and Phoebe holding hands. 

Thursday 10 September

Phoebe and Ash try to deal with the fallout from their new relationship after Denny spots them kissing. Rooʼs first day at university gets off to a shaky start when she embarrasses herself during her first lecture. Kyle and Denny commiserate by getting drunk, but Kyle is in a bad way and in the aftermath tells Ricky that he is leaving Summer Bay. 


Friday 11 September

Marilyn and Irene spy Roo on a date with James, the mystery man who helped her get the lecturing job. Nate, Kyle and Ricky all give heartfelt speeches honouring Brax at Caseyʼs naming ceremony. Kyle tries to leave the Bay without telling Phoebe, but when she finds out she tracks him down and they finally have a heart-to-heart about their relationship.