Coronation Street: Andrea to find out that she’s pregnant – but will she tell Lloyd?

"Andrea knows that Lloyd would make a great dad - she's just got to convince him to take her back," says Hayley Tamaddon

There’s a big surprise in store for Andrea Beckett next week when – in the wake of her break-up from cabbie Lloyd Mullaney – she discovers that she’s pregnant with his baby.


Says Hayley Tamaddon of the plot twist: “Andrea’s very shocked and confused. And because of everything that has happened with Lloyd, she feels incredibly alone.

“This is not on her radar at all. She was just so happy being with Lloyd. Her daughter is grown-up now, so she’s not had a baby for a long time! I do think she really wanted to marry Lloyd though.”

Andrea has been left devastated by her split from Lloyd and is obviously in an emotional state when she lets slip her big news to Eileen.

“Andrea’s heartbroken about Lloyd. She made a stupid mistake and she’s so upset about how things ended. And Andrea knows that he would make a great dad – she’s just got to convince him to take her back,” adds the actress.

Eileen is asked to say nothing of the pregnancy while Andrea decides what she’s going to do. But when Michael finds the positive pregnancy test and assumes it’s Eileen’s, Andrea is forced to set him straight.

“Yes, well at first, Michael does think it’s Eileen that’s pregnant. But then he is very sweet to Andrea and tries his best to help. He’s a very good person to talk to – he’s a good listener.”

And what advice do Michael and Eileen give her? “They tell that she HAS to tell Lloyd! And they say that if she doesn’t, then they will! Because they have to look out for Lloyd too.”

Since their break-up, of course, Lloyd has fallen back into the arms of former squeeze Liz McDonald. So does Andrea think that the baby news could be a way of salvaging their relationship?

“Not really. She thinks she’s lost Lloyd to Liz. But she’s not giving up hope. And when she does eventually talk to Lloyd, there are a lot of tears.”

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