Star Wars: the Force Awakens teases lightsaber battle with new footage

How excited are we? VERY

It’s slightly worrying how much time we can spend thinking about the new Star Wars film, whether it’s spending hours deciphering the clues from one innocuous image, frantically poring over quotes by director JJ Abrams for hidden hints or just crying silent tears when we wake up from a nightmare where we saw Jar Jar Binks cracking wise and leading the heroes in the new movie.


Which means, when we get given a 15-second teaser clip of the film that shows star John Boyega holding a CGI sword near some trees we’re naturally going to lose our little fan minds. Case in point: 

There has been an awakening… #StarWars #TheForceAwakens

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Yes, we’re pretty darn pumped about this new footage even if we’ve had burps that lasted slightly longer and we already knew Boyega’s character Finn would be wielding a lightsaber (after a poster was revealed of him doing just that earlier this month). It’s still exciting to see it for real, right? Plus, it also means there may be a full trailer on the horizon…

Interestingly, the new footage makes it look like he’s facing off against Adam Driver’s not-a-Sith baddie Kylo Ren in a forest, and although Finn looks a little worried we reckon he’ll be fine – his lightsaber doesn’t have a pointless/downright dangerous crossguard so he’s already got the advantage when it comes to not accidentally losing fingers (a key component in Jedi training, we assume).

Still, Boyega’s new Jedi skills aren’t the only thing we see in the teaser – we also get a glimpse of Daisy Ridley’s Rey looking ominously up at the sky (above – it’s hard to tell if BB-8 is also looking up ominously, thanks to his cute little droid face) and another look at the image of villains the First Order that we had such fun with earlier this month. We still maintain that they got their style tips from Thomas Cromwell.

Oh, and we get to hear Andy Serkis’ creepy “there has been an awakening” line once more (as spoken by his motion-capture character Supreme Commander Snoke), which sounds like it’s been rerecorded or remixed specifically to make it sound a bit less like Benedict Cumberbatch than the version in the original trailer did.

Classic C-Batch; even when he’s not actually in a film he still manages to steal the limelight.


Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens will be released on 18th December