EastEnders: Kush to let Shabnam down when she needs him the most, says Rakhee Thakrar

Will Kush's actions during Shabnam's traumatic labour result in them splitting up?


Shabnam Masood will be left feeling unsupported by fiancé Kush Kazemi when she has to give birth their stillborn son.


Monday’s episode of EastEnders will see Shabnam go through labour, only for Kush to leave her on her own in the delivery suite.

Says Rakhee Thakrar of the upcoming scenes: “The death of a baby can make or break a relationship. It sounds like a cliché, but it’s true. Just before Shabnam starts having her contractions, the nurse is asking them about whether they want to hold the baby and have photographs – and Kush just legs it.

“It’s too much for him. And he only comes back to the delivery suite about 30 seconds before the baby is born. So, in Shabnam’s head, he could have missed it. Just when she needed him the most.”

Speaking to RadioTimes.com about what lies ahead for her character, Thakrar reveals that Shabnam decides her future lies away from Albert Sqaure: 

“Her coping mechanism is to shut everyone out and run away. It feels like her world has just stopped following the death of her baby, so the whole situation is just too much for her to handle. Her answer is to make plans to go to Pakistan.”

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