Celebrity Big Brother 2015: Gail Porter

From being naked on Big Ben to raising awareness for charities, Gail Porter has always made a big splash - but will she do the same in the house?

Name: Gail Porter


Age: 44

Country: UK

Twitter:  @Gailporter

Famous, why? First as a model (including a shoot that saw her projected nude onto the Houses of Parliament) and then as a presenter and TV personality

Bio: Porter started out her career as a presenter on various kid-orientated shows like Live & Kicking, Fully Booked and Top of the Pops, before moving into a slightly more risqué area of work as a model for magazines such as FHM.

One of her most famous moments as a model saw a nude picture of her (from behind) projected onto the Houses of Parliament in 1999 as a publicity stunt for FHM – though apparently the first Porter heard of it was when it was reported the next day.

Her stock as a model couldn’t have been higher – but in 2005, Porter’s career was nudged in a different direction when she developed Alopecia totalis, losing all her hair. Eschewing hats or wigs Porter instead decided to use her profile to raise awareness of the condition, and also became a patron for the Little Princess Trust, which provides hairpieces to children with similar conditions.

These days Porter continues her charity work (she’s vice-president of The Children’s Trust and works with other charities regularly) and is a television personality and presenter, appearing in series and one-offs like The Gadget Show, The Wright Stuff, What Do Kids Know and Gail Porter on Prostitution.

Then… Presenting with aplomb on Sunday-morning TV series Fully Booked in 1998


Now…Discussing depression and the death of Robin Williams on Sky news last year