Celebrity Big Brother 2015: Fatman Scoop

If you got long hair put your hands up for the US rapper, if you got short hair make noise...

Name: Fatman Scoop 


Real name: Isaac Freeman III

Age: 35

Country: USA

Twitter: @fatmanscoop

Famous, why? Chiefly for telling us to “get our hands up” in the 2003 hit Be Faithful

Bio: If engine number nine on the New York transit line conjures up images of American public transport, you’ve probably never heard of Fatman Scoop. But if those words get you humming along, you’re likely to have thrown some shapes on a dance floor to the US rapper’s 2003 anthem Be Faithful.

12 years on and Fatman’s train is still on the tracks, albeit no longer hurtling along at the speed it once was. Since his hit song, the 35-year-old has featured on plenty more singles – including such delights as Rock the Boat, Wine De Best and Raise the Roof – but never achieved the dizzy heights of his breakout effort.

Nevertheless, he’s done plenty of work as a hype man (for the uninitiated, that’s a backup rapper tasked with getting the crowd pumped during a show), appearing for the likes of Skrillex, Mary J. Blige, Busta Rhymes and Missy Elliott (whose hit single Lose Control he also rapped on back in 2005).

Nowadays Scoop jets around the world making appearances at festivals and the like, including spending plenty of time in Blighty where he has discovered the delights of M&S groceries. The man has good taste…

Marks and Spencer in london is the BEST chain grocery store EVER they Are SO GOOD! they would KILL IT in the USA!

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In his spare time, Scoop films personalised message for fans (more on that below), is setting up his own radio talk show discussing “current events, politics, issues, relationships and general DUMB ASS S**T”, and encourages all fans to text him – yes, he’s actually given out his phone number over on his website. He’s old school.

Then… his 2003 hit Be Faithful featuring Faith Hill. Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! 


Now… speaking in Cannes (or “Caaans”, as he calls it) about all the personalised video messages he’s willing to make for you: