This Harry Potter trailer makes the Boy Who Lived into the bad guy

But we love him anyway. We think...


Ever wondered what the Harry Potter franchise would be like if the boy wizard was actually on the dark side? Well, no, neither have we. 


But now we can all have a glimpse at what that terrifying Wizarding World would have been like, because Harry Potter has had a villainous makeover. The Boy Who Lived has been turned into the bad guy in his story, replacing He Who Must Not Be Named… 

Some clever Potter fan has created his very own trailer, cutting together jumpy, scary and violent moments from across the Harry Potter films with shots of “murderous raving lunatic” HP grinning into the camera.

It’s creepy stuff. And pretty convincing. 

But it’s all okay. We can’t be convinced.


We love Harry anyway. We think. We’re a little confused actually. 

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