Alexander Armstrong to reveal Italy’s Invisible Cities

Hidden treasures of Naples, Venice and Florence will be spotlighted in new BBC1 show


Italy hardly wants for ancient treasures – you can’t move without tumbling down the steps of a Roman amphitheatre – but Alexander Armstrong is going to put a few more on the map. 


Following on from Rome’s Invisible Cities earlier this year, the Pointless presenter will once again team up with Dr Michael Scott for the best holiday ever a new three-part BBC1 series exploring the lost and hidden sites of Naples, Venice and Florence.

Ironically, they will use the latest technology to explore the ancient world – we’re talking drones, 3D scanning, whizzy computer graphics – and some of the locations sound genuinely astonishing. What lies beneath Venice’s famous waterways? How does il Duomo’s massive dome support itself? And how much luckier can Alexander Armstrong get?


Find out all this, and more, in Italy’s Invisible Cities.

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