Can you match the screen death to James Bond’s accompanying pun?

Our deadliest and most shocking quiz to date...

Everyone knows that James Bond is the best at what he does – but what he does best isn’t spying, seducing ladies or rocking a tuxedo. No, James Bond is the master of the death pun, the witty barb that strikes home just as surely as whatever mode of impending mortality actually finished off the victim.


For example, if you were killed by Bond while attempting to complete a movie quotes quiz on, the fact that your life was ebbing away over the keyboard would be mollified by Bond’s comment that you were “always a quizzical fellow” or something similar. At least you’d manage a wry chuckle on your journey to the afterlife, eh?


But how well have you been paying attention to 007’s Bond mots? Can you match his zinger to the mode of death that inspired him to utter it?