Radio Times TV Champion 2015: Sci-Fi Champion Sam Heughan v Food Champion James Morton

Will the Outlander be able to stand the heat when one of GBBO's finest steps into the kitchen?

Outlander fans almost brought Sci-Fi Champion crashing down as they cast more than 6 million votes per round for their beloved Sam Heughan, but can they compete with crew who saw ex GBBO favourite James Morton through to Food Champion glory over Michelin starred chef Michael La Roux?


Guess we’ll find out when the pair square off the first round of TV champion from August 25th.

Sci-Fi Champion Heughan had one of the rockiest roads to the final: his quarter-final clash with Once Upon A Time’s Colin O’Donoghue nearly sank the voting ship. Outlander fans really rallied for their champ though, helping him to take out the likes of Gotham’s Robin Taylor, John Barrowman, Once Upon A Time’s Lana Parrilla, co-star and on-screen love Caitriona Balfe and The 100’s Eliza Taylor Cotter (aka Janae from Neighbours) in a tournament that saw more than 41 million votes cast.

Meanwhile Morton stormed ahead of two-star Michelin chef and former MasterChef judge Michel Roux Jr in the final of the Food Champion tournament. Fans of the 2012 Bake Off contestant mobilised to help him beat Gino D’Acampo, Angela Hartnett, Antony Worrall Thompson and Nigel Slater along the way.


Who’ll be star TV maker? It’s entirely up to you.

Vote for your favourite here from 10am BST on August 25th