Radio Times TV Champion 2015: Comedy Champion Ricky Gervais v Entertainment Champion Ricky Wilson

The comedian and the musician are poised for a tricky Ricky TV Champion showdown...


One’s a comedian with a string of hit TV shows and films under his belt, the other is a chat-topping frontman and talent show judge: Oh my God, we can’t believe it, they’re about to face off in Ricky v Ricky TV duel.


Entertainment Champion Ricky Wilson and Comedy Champion Ricky Gervais go head to head in Round One of TV Champion 2015, which kicks off at 10am BST on August 25th.

Wilson proved himself to be The Voice UK’s dark horse when he bested hostess with the most-ess Emma Willis to claim his champion crown. The Kaiser Chiefs frontman and Voice judge got the better of Claudia Winkelman, Katie Price, choirmaster Gareth Malone, Strictly’s Kristina Rhianoff and Phillip Schofield.

Meanwhile, Gervais found himself at the heart of one of the tournament’s biggest final battles, as he went head to head with Catherine Tate. After a mammoth battle he emerged victorious, having taken out Mathew Baynton, Joanna Scanlon, Mindy Kaling, Miranda Harte and Greg Davies.


Both have fan bases who’ve proven they know how to mobilise when it counts, but who’ll come out on top and make it through to the semi-finals? Picky your Ricky with a clicky: only you can decide who’ll win.

Vote for your favourite here from 10am BST on August 25th