Radio Times TV Champion 2015: Champion of Champions week explained

All eight genre winners begin their campaigns for the ultimate TV crown from 10am on Tuesday August 25th - here's what you need to know...


8 tournaments, 512 famous faces and more than 60 million votes so far: Radio Times TV Champion has seen some epic record-breaking battles and now the summer’s biggest TV tournament is gearing up for a huge final week.


From Tuesday August 25th at 10am, the final 8 contenders will battle it out in a Champion of Champions clash for glory.

Drama Champion Aidan Turner, Sci-Fi Champion Sam Heughan, Comedy Champion Ricky Gervais, Factual Champion Sir David Attenborough, Entertainment Champion Ricky Wilson, Soap Champion Kieron Richardson, Sport Champion Sarra Elgan and Food Champion James Morton will be calling on their loyal fans to vote them to victory.

When and where can I vote?

Voting will be open to fans across the globe at from 10am BST on August 25th.

ROUND ONE: The first round, which opens at 10am BST on Tuesday August 25th, will last for 24 HOURS ONLY – closing at 10am BST on Wednesday August 26th

SEMI FINALS: The semi-finals begin at 10am BST on Wednesday August 26th and will run until 4pm BST on Friday August 28th

TV CHAMPION OF CHAMPIONS FINAL: It all comes down to an epic three day battle, running from 4pm BST on Friday August 28th until 10pm BST Monday August 31st.

Who’s up against who?

Get a detailed rundown of each match-up via the links below.

Battle #1: Drama Champion Aidan Turner v Sport Champion Sarra Elgan

Battle #2: Sci-Fi Champion Sam Heughan v Food Champion James Morton

Battle #3: Soap Champion Kieron Richardson v Factual Champion Sir David Attenborough

Battle #4: Comedy Champion Ricky Gervais v Entertainment Champion Ricky Wilson


The winner of Battle 1 will play the winner of Battle 2 and the winner of Battle 3 will play the winner of Battle 4 in the semi-finals.

Radio Times TV Champion voting opens here on August 25th at 10am BST