Neighbours: Russ and Sheila kiss, while Brad and Lauren admit that they still have feelings for each other

31 August-4 September: Plus Amy is left reeling when she learns that Georgia is returning home. And Amber discovers that Josh has been posing as her friend Phoebe

Monday 31 August


Terese and Brad have a humiliating public argument. Josh vows to come clean to Amber about his online persona. Toadieʼs mother Angie arrives in town to look after her boy, and it is not long before she is making her presence felt. Imogen and Daniel have their first disagreement since they got together. 

Tuesday 1 September

Terese tries to smooth things over with Brad. Josh sums up the courage to confess to Amber about Phoebe but he gets busted before he has the chance. Kyle and Amy experience mixed emotions when they learn that Georgia is coming home. Sheila and Russell are excited about their new romance. 

Wednesday 2 September

Sheila offers to help Russ finance the purchase of the garage, but Naomi and Kyle are concerned about where the money is coming from. Tyler is unnerved when he finds out that his dad intends to stay in Erinsborough. Amber is dumbfounded after discovering that Josh has been posing as her online friend Phoebe. 

Thursday 3 September

Naomi is disgusted when Paul urges her to visit Gary in prison to make sure that he is sticking to his end of the bargain. Sheila hands in the dirty money she got from Gary. Brad blames Terese when he gets a letter from the council demanding that his shed be pulled down. Sonya discovers a shocking document and tries to figure out who wrote it. 


Friday 4 September

Terese accuses Brad of regretting their marriage. A race day in Ramsay Street brings everyone together. Sheila tells Brad that she caught Terese stealing wine and that she thinks she has a drinking problem. Alone at the lake, Lauren and Brad acknowledge that they still have feelings for each other but neither want to do the wrong thing by Terese.