Home and Away: Ash and Phoebe kiss, while Chris realises that Nate is innocent

31 August-4 September: Plus Denny witnesses an intimate moment between Ash and Phoebe. And Marilyn and John decide to become foster parents once again

Monday 31 August


Chris is determined to clear Nateʼs name after discovering evidence that Billie has been lying. Kat tells Nate that the incident brought back bad memories of her abusive fiancé. Kyle, Ash and Phoebe search desperately for Ricky, worried that she might do something drastic. Marilyn and John get caught up in the moment as they look after Casey. 

Tuesday 1 September

Chris entraps Billie by wearing a wire and getting her to admit that she framed Nate for the assault. Ricky tells Ash that she is actually relieved that Brax is dead, and that his prison sentence also felt like hers, an admission that causes Kyle to later lash out at Phoebe. Denny spies Ash leaning in to kiss Phoebe and confronts her about their relationship. 

Wednesday 2 September

Kyle breaks up with Phoebe when he discovers that she has feelings for Ash, and it does not take long for the two of them to cement their new-found attraction. Charlotte warns Maddy not to tell anyone about her and Mattʼs secret liaison. John admits to Marilyn that he wants another baby, but she is not sure that she can go through with it and the pair consider fostering again. 

Thursday 3 September

Matt is visibly hurt when Charlotte ends their affair, telling him that they should quit while they are ahead. Oscar and Evie move in with Zac and Leah to give Hannah some space, but there is uproar when they decide to give Evie her own room. After talking to Hannah about her dreams for the future, Roo decides to make some new and exciting plans. 


Friday 4 September

Nate finds Leah and Zacʼs full house suffocating and takes Irene up on her offer of the spare room at her place. Andy covers for Charlotte and Matt by putting Leah off the scent. Roo is offered a job lecturing but she feels unprepared and is undecided about what to do. A desperate Matt reminds Charlotte that he has photos of her on his phone that could ruin her career.