Hollyoaks: Peri gives birth, while Ste proposes to Sinead

31 August-4 September: Plus Theresa warns Darren that Patrick hasn’t changed


Monday 31 August


Tom helps Nancy set up a teacher/pupil messaging service and sends out a photo of her dressed as Bjork to everyone as a joke. Tom discovers Peri knows the sex of the baby – he’s so angry that he plans to use the messaging service to send out Cameron’s video confession about killing Sam and Danny. Peri apologises for not telling him and Tom decides not to send the message, but doesn’t realise he hasn’t pressed cancel and the ‘Send’ window is still open.

Ste proposes to Sinead and furious Harry confronts Ste at school. Tensions rise, as does the passion and the pair end up kissing. While things get steamy, Sinead walks down the corridor… about to open the door to the classroom they are in.

Tony brings croissants over to Diane’s, while Scott bumps in to Tegan and strikes up a deal with herScott visits Diane and when Patrick asks Tony to help with food for the governors’ meeting, Diane is left in Scott’s care. Scott worms his way back in to Diane’s affections, while Tegan pops something suspicious in to home-made soup and takes it round to Diane’s.

Celine asks Cameron about moving in together. Cameron is thrilled but Porsche is defiant – he’s Lockie’s brother! Later, Celine talks Porsche round.

Tuesday 1 September

Peri goes in to labour with Leela and Cameron by her side.

Celine listens to a voicemail from Cameron saying he loves her. Tegan and Ziggy kiss, but Ziggy abruptly comes to his senses, heading out to find Leela. Tom and Nancy make it to the classroom just in time to see Peri have her baby.

The emergency services arrive. Celine turns up at the school with the ambulance and tells Cameron she loves him too, he kisses her.

Wednesday 2 September

Peri overhears Tom talking to their baby about how much he loves Peri. When The Browns come to take the baby home, will Peri hand over her child?

Elsewhere, Ziggy tells Tegan he loves her. Ziggy is packing his bags and prepares to tell Leela about him and Tegan.

Reenie goes to The Dog, while Pete spends time with Celine and buys her a tub of ice cream. Afterwards, Celine retches until she’s sick, while a satisfied Pete listens from outside the bathroom. Later, Pete makes comments about Celine’s weight and appearance. 

Thursday 3 September

Holly’s laptop breaks and Jason offers to buy a new one, which Holly rejects. Robbie overhears and Holly finds a new laptop on her doorstep. She returns the laptop to Robbie, thinking it was a gift from Jason. Robbie doesn’t tell her it’s from him.

Nico sends ‘Gothboy98’ a threatening text, which spooks Kim. Kim is haunted by visions of Dylan. Nico breaks down, continuing to message ‘Gothboy98’.

Ste spots a topless Harry in The Hutch and they arrange to meet up later for a drink. 

Friday 4 September

Nico is furious when Kyle defaces a memorial that she made for Dylan at school. She thinks he’s Goth Boy and punches him. Patrick interrupts their fight in the corridor and summons Nico and Sienna to his office. He warns Nico to keep herself out of trouble if she doesn’t want people to know what she’s really capable of.

Meanwhile, Kim is threatened by Trevor in the village and thinks he is using Dylan’s mobile to torment her. Nico is cornered by Kyle and his cronies outside the coffee shop. Kim interrupts them and takes Nico to safety.

Jason is desperate to get Holly back, and Robbie is secretly happy when he sees his brother is failing. Robbie gives Holly the chance to get a job as Curtis’ babysitter when he can see Trevor is struggling.

At The Loft, Trevor has a meeting with an undertaker to discuss Dylan’s funeral but hauls him out by his collar when the undertaker makes an innocent comment about the dress that Dylan will be buried in. Holly is impressed when Robbie defuses the situation. 


Jason turns up at The Loft to arrest Trevor and Robbie for assault on the funeral director.