5ive – Where are they now?

Abz is on the farm on BBC2, but what happened to the other former members of 5ive when the lights went out?

Back in the 1990s everybody had no trouble getting up singing, 1, 2, 3 ,4 because boyband 5ive could make them get down now… and then.


Between 1997 and 2001 they sold an incredible 20 million records worldwide but, despite their chart-topping success, they decided to go their separate ways.

Where did they go? And what are they doing now? We will, we will… tell you.

Scott Robinson

Between DJing at Essex FM and taking a leading role in the UK touring musical Boogie Nights 2, Scott Robison was kept busy in the aftermath of 5ive’s breakup. Yet he still found time for the band’s failed reunion in 2006/07.

He was a regular on Soccer AM at the beginning of the 2012-13 season, presenting the “Scott from Five Awards”, popped up on Test The Nation, and even took part in Children In Need’s Celebrity Scissorhands.

And now he can be found touring with the band again, thanks to their, errr, Big Reunion.

Ritchie Neville

Ritchie’s face may be familiar because it’s popped up on quite a few TV series; he’s been a presenter, guest, actor and reality show contestant. He had a stint on Cirque de Celebrité on Sky1 back in 2007, and was most recently spotted on Channel 4’s The Jump.

In 2003 he attempted to return to music with a rock band but it didn’t exactly work out. And when 5ive tried to get back together in 2006/7, Ritchie was on board for the failed reunion. He subsequently moved to Australia where he enjoyed great success in the restaurant business before coming back to the UK to reunite with his bandmates.

Since the band’s Big Reunion in 2013, he’s had a baby with Natasha from Atomic Kitten – now there’s a 90s dream team for you.

Sean Conlon

Conlon pursued a solo career after leaving the band, attempting to fulfil his lifelong dream of becoming an R&B, jazz and soul singer. He signed a solo recording deal, and decided not to take part in the group’s attempted reunion in 2006.

When that deal fell through, Conlon decided to try his luck on BBC1’s The Voice. He didn’t make it past the blind auditions and subsequently decided to get back together with his old bandmates for The Big Reunion.

He’s still touring with Ritchie and Scott.

 Jason ‘J’ Brown

5ive’s de facto frontman stayed under the radar for a few years, only popping up at political protests. When the band’s attempted reunion in 06/07 fell through he returned to the spotlight on I’m A Celeb, finishing in third place behind Janice Dickinson and Christopher Biggins.

He also joined Ant’s Team on Ant and Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway. Brown was due to join his former bandmates for The Big Reunion but rather publicly pulled out at the last minute, saying he didn’t wish to be in the public eye again.

He briefly appeared on The Big Reunion: On Tour spin-off, discussing his decision to stay away with former bandmate Abz Love.

Abz Love

Born Richard Breen, Abz adopted his middle name ‘Abidin’ when both he and Ritchie Neville were selected to become members of 5ive back in 1997.

He’s said that he was the only member of the band who was not happy with the 2001 split, after which he went on to briefly enjoy a successful solo career after releasing his debut album Abstract Theory in 2003.

He popped up on Celebrity Scissorhands to receive a manicure from former bandmate Scott, before reuniting with 5ive on The Big Reunion in early 2013. Abz revealed that he’d changed his stage name from Abs to Abz because he was sick of jokes about his muscles, and went on to come third in Celebrity Big Brother that same year.

In 2014 he decided to quit the group and is now the star of BBC2 reality TV series Country Strife: Abz on The Farm with his partner Vicky Fallon. The pair trade in life in the city, attempting to become self-sufficient farmers in rural Wales.


Country Strife: Abz on The Farm continues on BBC2 on Sunday nights at 9.45pm

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