27 planets stolen by Davros and the Daleks

Adipose 3, Callufrax Minor, Clom, the Moon of Poosh, Pyrovillia and a little planet called Earth were among those sent to the Medusa Cascade - but what do we actually know about them?


27 planets (including, technically, one moon), stolen from space and time by Davros and the Daleks


…turned into a reality bomb designed to destroy the entire multiverse

saved, and returned safely home…

…by the Doctor

Here’s what we know about just some of those 27 planets…

Adipose 3

About: Served as a nursery for baby Adipose who were reared on fat by their wet nurses before being taken back to their home planet. After Davros and the Daleks stole Adipose 3, the Adipose headed for Earth and its abundance of obesity…

Callufrax Minor

Inhabitants: Uninhabited/Tactire

About: Reports about Callufrax vary – some say it was uninhabited by 2009 (the year that it was transported by Davros to the Medusa Cascade), others that a parasitic race called the Tactire had made it their home


About: Sister planet of Raxacoricofallapatorius (home of the Slitheen family), Clom is part of the Raxas Alliance, which also includes the planet Clix. One Abzorbalovian disguised himself as a human named Victor Kennedy and visited Earth where he spent his time absorbing the bodies and memories of his victims – until he was stopped by the Doctor…


Mostly harmless.

Moon of Poosh

About: Notable for: its impressive swimming pools; for being (along with Paris) one of the two places the Doctor would like to retire to (like he even knows what the word means); for being one of only three of the planets stolen by Davros that were taken not from the year 2009 but from millennia earlier


About: Like Poosh, Pyrovillia was stolen by Davros and the Daleks not in 2009 but over two thousand years earlier

Woman Wept

About: Named for the unusual shape of its main continent, which is said to resemble a crying woman. A catastrophic solar event froze the entire ocean, leaving huge waves of ice towering over it. All in all, an impressive destination – no wonder the Ninth Doctor showed off by taking Rose Tyler there


Honourable mention must also go to Flane, Griffoth, Jahoo, Shallacatop and the 16 other planets stolen by Davros and the Daleks and returned to their rightful places in the universe by the Doctor…