Tom Baker in Star Wars, Hayley in the Tardis and a Doctor Who countdown: 7 days in sci-fi and beyond

All the best geek news we spotted over the past few days

Doctor Who’s best moments, Tim Burton’s Christmas fancy and more had us enthralled all week – but what else did we spot in this week’s top sci-fi and genre news?


Stars of the show

The week kicked off with oodles of Star Wars fun, as the D23 Disney Expo in California revealed a few new tidbits about the Force Awakens including the fact that John Boyega’s Finn has a lightsaber (and is thus probably a cool Jedi type). Hooray! 

We also learned that director Colin Trevorrow is following up Jurassic World with a dino-soar through space for Episode IX, and then we’ll soon be able to live the Star Wars dream with specially themed Disney theme parks. Meanwhile, Empire magazine proved that we’ll drool over anything Star Wars-related by having three character’s we’ve already soon strolling through an aircraft hanger on their cover – and we’re STILL super excited. 

Oh, and apparently Tom Baker’s going to be in Star Wars too (via sci-fi fantasy network). WHO’da thunk it?

Doctor Doctor, give me the news…

Of course, Tom Baker wasn’t the only Doctor Who alumnus piquing our interest this week, as we discovered the happy news that Freema Agyeman and Alex Kingston are palling it up in LA (Martha/River crossover, anyone?) and that Karen Gillan has held on to her Amy Pond necklace. Sweet.

But the future of the show was also on our radar, with showrunner Steven Moffat hinting that the Doctor could meet his own ghost this series (spooky!), and Peter Capaldi himself opening up to about what we could expect this year – mainly new trousers, apparently. Looking further ahead, we even got word of who might put themselves forward for the next incarnation of the Doctor – namely, Agent Carter’s Hayley Atwell. Maybe fans could make Atwell her very own test episode in the newly-announced Mission: Dalek game


And of course, we here at began our very own 31-day countdown to Doctor Who series 9 – OK, we’ll admit it, we’re a little overexcited. You can check out the full countdown here, or have a look at today’s entry – there’s only 28 days to wait now!

Champ change

Elsewhere here on, we welcomed the win of Sam Heughan in our sci-fi champion tournament – though the Scottish actor has a way to go before he triumphs in our overall champion of champions tournament. Still, we thought the occasion merited a look ahead to what we can expect for Heughan’s Jamie Fraser in Outlander series 2 – lots of French lines, it would seem.

But Outlander’s not the only currently-filming project we’re excited about, with JK Rowling’s Harry Potter follow-up Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them starting production (to the excitement of star Dan Fogler), and new details from the set of the upcoming Star Trek: Beyond (via ScreenCrush) suggesting details of a new female rival to Chris Pine’s Captain Kirk. Maybe she could take a bit of inspiration from real-life astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti, who is set to star in a Star Trek fan-film herself. I guess you could call that Method acting…

And finally 

It’s been a big week for sci-fi news, but we couldn’t really think of anything better to end on than this – visionary Edward Scissorhands and Beetlejuice director Tim Burton is going to switch on the Blackpool illuminations this September, accompanied by boy band Only the Young (via BBC). Life doesn’t get much better than this.


Until next time – Excelsior!