Coronation Street: Leanne to be left unconscious following Simon’s latest attack

Leanne's life is on the line after Simon gets abusive once again

Young Simon Barlow’s physical abuse of Leanne has been intensifying over the past few weeks, but an upcoming episode will see the situation worsen when the volatile lad puts his mum’s life in danger.


The pair are set for another showdown after Simon gets into a fight at school and Leanne is forced to march him home. Back at the flat, Simon will be seen blaming Leanne when he tells her that the boys at school were picking on him because she won’t buy him a ‘decent’ mobile phone.

Leanne starts to run a bath and orders Simon to wash the dishes but he refuses and gives her an almighty shove before doing a runner from the flat.

Leanne stumbles and catches her head on a table, passing out on the floor. As water starts to seep through he kebab shop ceiling, Dev and Mary rush upstairs and let themselves into Leanne’s flat. They’re horrified to find her unconscious on the floor and the bath overflowing. Can Leanne be saved? Find out when Coronation Street airs these scenes on Friday 4 September.

You can watch a 60-second rundown of the coming week’s episodes of Coronation Street below.


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