Ricky Gervais is casting for Life on the Road, time to ‘do a Brent’

Th Office star need only look to Wernham-Hogg's finest for advice on being the interviewer


Ricky Gervais is casting for upcoming film Life on the Road, which can only mean one thing, right? David Brent-style interviews. 


The film will see paper merchant Brent hit the road as a travelling urinal lozenge salesman who’s still trying to make it big as a rock star. Gervais needs just the right cast to help bring the chilled out entertainer back into our lives. 

He’s got the ‘dreaded chair’ lined-up for those eager to hit the road with him.

But of course, as Brent would tell you, where you sit as the interviewer is very important. 

Not here:

Definitely don’t stand:


Of course, preparation is also key. No aftershave to hand? Rub a sample from a magazine on your neck, of course.

Once they’ve arrived, obviously you need to sit in a welcoming, open manner to make them feel totally at ease.

When you’ve asked a question, it’s important to respond to their answer in the right way:

And of course, it’s very important not to make rash decisions in these situations… 


Job done.