Peter Capaldi on Doctor Who series 9: “There are some specific trouser things that happen”

Also: “I may go for the full Jon Pertwee bouffant”


From the moment he first stole a homeless man’s coat, Peter Capaldi’s version of the Doctor has definitely been ‘dress-down’. His initial David Bowie look has developed into a hoodied, torn-jumpered style at odds with Capaldi’s sharp features. 


“In the Christmas special I thought we’re in the Antartic, I better put a hoodie on,” he told journalists at a special exclusive amazing set visit. “And I quite liked it, so I thought I’ll get some more of those. He’s sort of loosening up a bit more, but he still sometimes goes back to his more severe sort of look.”

But Peter! What about those new, Patrick Troughton-esque trousers you’re wearing in new publicity shots? 

“There are some specific trouser things that happen for specific reasons. It will become clear to you when you watch the show.”

Specific trouser things! We’re hyped!

But Peter! What about your hair? It’s so lustrous now!

“My hair is just my hair. To be honest I’ve always wanted it just to be longer, but everyone felt it was important to make a decisive change, Capaldi explained patiently. “Matt being so friendly and affectionate and open, I think they wanted to be quite different from that. I’m just lucky it’s still there. Some people think I’m going for the full Jon Pertwee bouffant, and I may still do that. I’ve just got grey hair, that’s all.”

But Peter! Would you ever wear a onesie?

“I will never wear a onesie. Not unless I’m captured by a race of onesies.”


Doctor Who returns to BBC1 on Saturday 19th September