Even Benedict Cumberbatch appears confused about what nerdy movie he’s starring in now

The Star Trek actor gave the Vulcan salute at a press conference about Star Wars while introducing Doctor Strange...

Benedict Cumberbatch has had a varied career and Disney has a diversified portfolio of intellectual properties/magic™, so it’s fair enough that sometimes people get confused, and that sometimes those people are Benedict Cumberbatch.


At the recent D23 conference –a Disney jamboree which was dominated by Star Wars this year, but also covered a tonne of other exciting announcements– the actor sent a short video message introducing concept art from Doctor Strange.

Can you see what he did there? That’s right! The former star of Star Trek Into Darkness gave the Vulcan salute! That’s not Doctor Strange, or even Star Wars! You silly billy!

For future reference, here is a guide to your nerd hand signals.


Star Trek 

Doctor Strange

Star Wars


There you go Benny C, hope that helps.