Lakeview Terrace, Roman Holiday, Knocked Up: films on TV today

Samuel L Jackson takes exception to his neighbours, runaway royal Audrey Hepburn sees the sights, and parenthood looms for party boy Seth Rogen: our pick of free-to-air films on TV today

Lakeview Terrace ★★★
11.00pm-1.15am Spike 


This 1980s-style “yuppie nightmare” movie from director Neil LaBute – best known as a take-no-prisoners playwright – is a cut above standard Hollywood schlock. Set in moneyed, suburban LA, it revolves around racist cop Samuel L Jackson’s disapproval of the interracial couple (Patrick Wilson, Kerry Washington) who move in next door. Matters soon escalate from abrasive behaviour at the house-warming into a full-on feud, with uncomfortable overtones of separatist politics. The script was written by Howard Korder (Boardwalk Empire) and David Loughery (Passenger 57), and you can see what drew LaBute to the material: it’s a tense genre piece, but it deals with issues in a provocative way. Unfortunately, the ramped-up final act doesn’t quite live up to the first. 

Roman Holiday ★★★★★
11.00am-1.30pm Film4 

Get away from it all with this timeless romantic comedy. Audrey Hepburn stars as a princess visiting the Eternal City who falls in love with journalist Gregory Peck.  

Knocked Up ★★★★
9.00-11.40pm ITV2 

Seth Rogen is both big and dumb as a pot-head facing unplanned parenthood, and yet this comedy written and directed by Judd Apatow is both well-crafted and cunning.    

Eyes of Laura Mars ★★★
10.40pm-12.40am Movies4Men 

Photographer Faye Dunaway is cursed by a psychic link to a serial killer in this unnerving slasher yarn, which owes much to the “giallo” horror of Dario Argento.    

Gattaca ★★★★
10.50pm-1.00am Movie Mix 

Genetic engineering leads to a class divide in Andrew Niccol’s thoughtful sci-fi thriller, with Ethan Hawke forced to reinvent himself in order to join a space mission.  


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