Doctor Who: Which is the best Peter Capaldi episode?

He rapidly became a fan favourite - but which is your favourite of the Twelfth Doctor's adventures?

Series 8 of Doctor Who introduced us to Peter Capaldi’s scabrously Scottish incarnation of the Time Lord, with Jenna Coleman’s Clara also coming to the fore.


But which is your favourite story from the Twelfth Doctor’s run? 

Deep Breath

Peter Capaldi introduces us all to his new take on the Doctor as a clockwork man harvests the body parts of Victorian London.

Into the Dalek

Can a Dalek really be good? Maybe – so the Doctor and Clara (Jenna Coleman) shrink down to see what makes it tick.

Robot of Sherwood

The Doctor meets another living legend as he crosses swords (well, spoon) with Robin Hood.


The monster under the bed gets a sci-fi twist in this eerie episode, which also reveals secrets of The Doctor’s past.

Time Heist

Clara and the Doctor plan a daring bank robbery at the behest of a mysterious individual called the architect – who may actually be a very familiar face.

The Caretaker

Clara’s new boyfriend Danny Pink (Samuel Anderson) meets an undercover Doctor as a robot terrorizes the local area. It doesn’t go well.

Kill the Moon

Clara and the human race have a terrible decision to make – and the Doctor leaves them to it.

Mummy on the Orient Express

The Doctor and Clara go for one last trip together – but a rampaging Mummy puts a damper on their nostalgia.


While the Doctor languishes in a shrunken Tardis, Clara takes control to track down some vicious graffiti monsters.

In the Forest of the Night

London is swamped by forest overnight – but are the trees friend or foe?

Dark Water/ Death in Heaven

Missy’s identity is revealed, Clara suffers a wrenching loss and two of the Doctor’s old foes stand against him in the series 8 finale.

Last Christmas

The Doctor and Clara are caught in a cycle of dreams – and only Father Christmas (Nick Frost) can save them.


But which is your favourite episode? Vote now!