Neighbours: Aaron and Josh perform at cougar night, while Tyler finally tells Karl the truth about his relationship with his father

17-21 August: Daniel is crestfallen when he walks in on Imogen and Caspar seemingly kissing

Monday 17 August


After witnessing her taking wine from the stock room, Sheila suspects that Terese has a drinking problem. Naomi is turned down for a consultancy job because of her relationship with Paul. Nate encourages Aaron to mend the rift with his dad. Josh is stunned when he receives an indecent proposal from Sue. 

Tuesday 18 August

Josh tells Naomi that he is considering taking Sue up on her offer. To her horror, Brad suggests that he and Terese have an alcohol- free month. Tyler confides in Karl about his father. Paige hears a noise at home and thinks that her stalker has returned. 

Wednesday 19 August

Paige is confronted by Joey Dimato but manages to alert Brennan. Daniel summons Imogen to Lassiters, ready to put his heart on the line. Tyler is unwilling to forgive his father and refuses to attend a family barbecue. Amy accepts Paulʼs job offer despite the concern that she will see his shady side. 

Thursday 20 August

Imogen and Daniel are smitten, but Imogen is reluctant to share the good news with Terese. Amy makes an expensive mistake in her new job and Paul takes out his frustration on Terese. Paul warns Kyle not to get too close with Jimmy if he is not willing to commit to Amy, but he cannot say no when Jimmy asks to hang out with him after school at the yard. 


Friday 21 August

Amy resigns when she discovers the damage her erroneous email caused. Eager to prove his willingness to accept Aaronʼs lifestyle, Russell accompanies Aaron and Mark to a LGBTI fundraiser at the Waterhole, where he and Sheila hit it off. Ben is reminded of the reason he left home when he receives an ominous message from an old school friend.