Made in Chelsea: LA – deconstructing the relationship drama of week one

MIC's return this week proved that once again the path to true love doesn't run smooth...

Let’s face it, the real reason we keep watching Made in Chelsea is for its ever-turbulent romances. Sure, the evolving friendships are interesting, Mark Francis’ snobbery is entertaining and the endless stream of champagne breakfasts do provide a nice bit of escapism. But it’s the rocky road to love that keeps us hooked.


So here’s the crucial relationship drama from episode one of MIC:LA, dissected and gawped at for your pleasure…

Jess and Jamie

The drama: You know how we thought they’d sail off into the sunset together? No, you’re right, that was never going to happen. While Jamie was clearly into Jess, she was clearly unable to stop thinking of him as a brother. In the first LA episode, it was revealed that the pair hadn’t spoken in weeks and that the whole thing had fizzled out. Shocker!

Jamie was hurt by Jess, but it was hard to feel too sorry for him when he so quickly had LA lady Naz on the go. Like a child denied another episode of Peppa Pig, he stamped his foot and told Jess not to date anyone in front of him or he’d be really, really annoyed. Erm, how is she going to keep a date secret from him in MIC world, where secrets do not exist? If Jess so much as thinks about thinking about another man, Jamie will know before she does. 

What’s going to happen?: We know that in the next episode, Jamie meets up with Naz (is it just us or is she refreshingly friendly?) and declares it “the best date I’ve ever been on.” We’re pretty sure he’s being a little hysterical (maybe a sugar rush from all those Candy Kittens?) but hey, at least it might make Jess jealous.

Binky and JP

The drama: Binky has made a classic error here. She said no to JP but now she might be regretting it. We don’t believe her insistence that she’s happy just flirting. After all, the man delivered a birthday curry to her LA home (she didn’t even have to order it!) and he also got her some quite nice shoes. He’s basically a slightly dull but very nice Disney prince.

What’s going to happen? In the next episode things go very wrong indeed, as Binky has a meltdown over JP and another girl. He did warn her he might date other people but we suspect that Binky has a few too many mojitos and screams blue murder at an unsuspecting JP. Trust us, this will get ugly. 

Steph and Josh

The issue: Did anyone else spot Josh’s lengthy look at the single ladies at the pool party? Or how he said LA is a great place to be single? Or how he kept insisting to the ‘bois’ that he’s not about to get married. Yeah, he may as well have had a sign on his forehead saying “HAVING DOUBTS ABOUT COMMITMENT”. 

Steph had clocked all that too, and her forced, fake grin when she told Lucy that things were “really good” with Josh was very unnerving. And when she said that, weirdly, he had stopped talking about marriage and that he wasn’t saving up for a ring, it was clear that there was trouble in paradise. “He hasn’t forgotten about marriage, it would just be weird if he was talking about it all the time. It’s all fine,” said an unusually dishonest Lucy. 

What’s going to happen?

From the seriously teary clip of next week’s episode, it looks like Josh may be joining the single world with Jamie and JP. We can’t wait for Lucy’s wrath…


Made in Chelsea LA continues at 9pm on Mondays on E4